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Womans bunad from Aust Agder (Åmli bunad)

Here you can see the back on the Åmli bunad. This is Trude - she lives in my neighborhood.
aamli2.jpg (32945 bytes)Nina in her Åmlibunad. Notice the beautiful apron with all its embroideries!
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On May 17. 2003, I met Anne Sofie, and she let me take her picture. She is the first one I have seen using the headscarf. It is beautiful! Click on the picture to get a larger image of the embroideries!  


annesofie.JPG (72002 bytes)

aaml2i.gif (53219 bytes)This is Marianne in her beautiful bunad from Åmli in Aust Agder.

More about the Åmli bunad from Aust Agder.

Work on this bunad started in the 1940s, but the costume did not
start to take shape until after the war. The parish of Åmli used to
include a number of rural settlements, namely Åmli, Tovdal,
Gjøvdal and Mykland. As this costume is based on traditional folk
dress material from these places, it is called the Åmli bunad. There
is also a 19th-century depiction of local dress for this as for many
other regions of Norway, which provides an insight into the dress
customs of the period. The various elements of the bunad are
copies of original garments that were worn in this district at the
end of the 17th century up until the mid-18th century. (from http://www.husfliden.no )

The bodice on the bunad are mostly made in red or green wool, or silk brocade. Other colors are also used. The skirt is made with different variations, but the colors on the stripes are to be red and green. The apron is of white hand woven linen with embroideries in woolen yarn. There are lots of different patterns for this apron.