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The old traditional Sami Kofte has a very very old story. I will not even try to tell anything yet, as I don't know to much about it. But, I know one thing, they are really beautiful!

hartvig.jpg (11483 bytes)This is Hartvik, Hjørdis' brother, in the Tana Kofte. He is a musician, and together with Irene below and two other men he is singing an playing in the group Tanabreddens Ungdom. They were very popular in the 70s, and now they have done a comeback. The pictures were taken friday August 24. 2001 in Oslo.

Picture: Laila N. Christiansen 2001
irene.jpg (53105 bytes)This is Irene, playing a traditional sami drum. Her kofte is also from Tana. Notice the beautiful shine in her dress!
The paintings in the background are also inspired from the old drums. The paintings are made by Hans Ragnar Mathisen (Elle-Hansa).

Picture: Laila N. Christiansen 2001

troms1.JPG (11421 bytes)This kofte is probably from Troms.
hjordis1.JPG (55939 bytes)Here is Hjørdis in her new Tana Kofte. The picture was taken on my wedding day in February.


Photo: Bjørn Granlund

kofter.JPG (55076 bytes)This 5 beauties are from left Lisa, Stine, Tonje, Iris and my sister-in-law Hjørdis, all wearing Tana Kofte.  The picture was taken in 1994.


tonjeiris2.JPG (78675 bytes)This is also Tonje and Iris, taken the same day as the picture above.
perkofta.JPG (63739 bytes) This the abowe 4 small girls' great grandfather, also in a Tana Kofte. The picture was taken around 1985.
kofter3.JPG (73465 bytes)This small beauties are Jon Ántá and Maja. They both have the traditional Kautokeino Kofte. The picture is about 10 years old.
anta4.JPG (78674 bytes)This is also Jon Ántá "10 years after", on his confirmation day in 2000. Here he has the Tana Kofte.
hansenb1.JPG (58441 bytes)This is Jon Ántá and his siblings and parents. All the girls in the Kautokeino Kofte, all the boys in the Tana Kofte. This picture was also taken on Jon Ántá's confirmation in 2000. Jon Ántá's father is from Tana, and he is Hjørdis' brother.
hansen43.JPG (81375 bytes)Take a close look at this beatutiful picture. This is Håkon and Kristine, Jon Ántá's parents, on their weddingday in 1992. Håkon in the festive Tana Kofte, and Kristin in her festive Kautokeino Kofte. Notice all the "søljer" Kristin is wearing!