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Løken-costume from Østfold

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This two beautiful girls I met 30. april 2005 on Vålerenga in Oslo. They were celebrating a confirmation. To the left Kari, and to the right Henriette - both in Løken costume.
mona.JPG (49827 bytes)This is Mona in her brand new Løken-drakt from Østfold. It has a lot of beautiful embroideries. Mona has done all this impressing work herself.  
linelok.JPG (46944 bytes)This is little Linn in her childrens Løken-drakt. 
aaloken.jpg (97392 bytes)This is my aunt Ann Mari in her blue Løken-drakt. Picture was taken last summer.
loksolv.JPG (86988 bytes)Here you can see the silver that is made for this bunad

More about the Womens bunad from Østfold - (Løken-drakt)

"Løken-drakt" is not a  traditional "bunad", as it is not made from old costume-traditions, but is more a "composed" costume. The embroideries are inspired by flower-decorations on a old cupboard from Lille Løken farm in Trøgstad. The painter of the cupboard was Eric Fredrich Holmgren born in 1750 in Fredrikshald (today Halden). The first Løken-costume was finished in 1949, and can be seen on Haldens Minders Museum.

The Løken-drakt is made in either black or blue.