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Womens bunad from Nord Trøndelag

Aud2.JPG (56347 bytes) This is Aud in her Nord Trøndelag bunad.

About the Nord Trøndelag bunad

This bunad is composed of old costume material, found around in Nord Trøndelag. It is made in blue and two different red colors, wine red and rusty red.

The skirts are in pure wool. The blue has flower-embroideries in 7 different colors. The rusty red has also embroidery, but only in white color. The wine red is with patchwork and embroideries.

The vest on the blue and the rusty red is ---damask---, It hold together with two silver frogs and a "sølje". The vest on the wine red is made of silk damask.

A shaw is required, in the colors of the rest of the bunad.