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Womans bunad from Romerike L46

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laila.JPG (63819 bytes)This is my self in my Romeriksbunad. Picture taken on Christmas Eve 1999. The first time I used it! This model is called L46. Since I did not get one for my confirmation, I started saving money, and one beautiful day my dream about a Romeriksbunad came through! This green color is rare.

l46meg.jpg (40132 bytes) Myself in my green L46. There are only sold 8-10 of this model with the same colour! The most common variant is the one with red bodice and a blue-green skirt.

helgbl46d.JPG (49052 bytes)This is Helga in her darker green L46. She has an apron in printed linen, especially made for the L46 bunad.




Photo: Laila N. Christiansen 2001

click on the picture to get a larger image!This is Hege in her very rare red L46-model. The most common L46 with red bodice have a blue-green skirt, but Hege's skirt is red as the bodice. Very nice.

The picture was taken on Hege's confirmation.

Thank you to Vera for lending me the picture!

LUE2.jpg (38975 bytes)On the purse, you can see more details of the embroideries. It is only in golden yellow, but made with different types of yarn.


Photo: Laila N. Christiansen


Solv4.jpg (67371 bytes)This is the "Espeland" silver to my Romeriks-bunad. As you can see, it is covered with gold. 
You can also see it as a background image on all my pages.

Photo: Laila Normann

romfront.JPG (45338 bytes)A closer look at the embroideries on the front of the L46-model

romrygg.JPG (31968 bytes)Here you can see the back on the L46-model

More about the Romeriksbunad L46

In 1937 the work on another Romeriksbunad started. It was Romerike Ungdomsforbund in collaboration with Borghild Tranum Røer and Karoline Grunde that created this bunad.

It was an old horse-blanket found in Enebakk that gave the idea to this bunad. It had beautiful embroideries.

The bodice is more like a waistcoat, a copy of an old jacket used by Margrete Norum (born about 1781) from Sørum. The base for the bonnet is a bonnet from Sørum (around 1770) The bunad was completed in 1946.

This bunad is made in the colors green (as mine), blue-green or red. It can also be made with red bodice/blue-green skirt. The embroideries in golden yellow, made with different types of yarn.