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Womens bunad from Romsdal (Bols°y-bunaden)

HOLLY.jpg (42345 bytes)This is Holly in her Romsdalsbunad. Holly lives in Long Beach, California, and she is the editor of Sons of Norway, Fridtjof Nansen Lodge 6-009 home page.


Thank you Holly for letting me use the picture

margaretb.jpg (22441 bytes)This is a good friend of mine, Margaret, in her brand new Romsdals bunad. She used it for the first time May 17th 2002. Margaret is born in Molde, but now she lives in Oslo.


Photo: L.N. Christiansen 2002

romslom.JPG (12089 bytes)

A close up on the reticule of a Romsdals bunad with red bodice.

More about the Romsdals bunad

Mali Furunes created the Bols°y-bunad in the 1940s. The first bunad was shown in 1947. It is really popular among the Romsdal-women.

The colors of this bunad can be either blue, as Holly has on this picture, or it can be made with a red bodice and blue skirt.

The bodice is a copy of an old bodice from 1700s, that can be seen at the Romsdalsmuseum.