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Womans bunad from Solør and Odal

image001.jpg (86954 bytes)Morten and Espen are lucky to have such a gifted mother! She made them both the Romeriks bunad, and herself a bunad from Solør/Odal.  She is also wearing the traditional bonnet, it is not often to see that used. Espen is Lises boyfriend
soloodal2.jpg (51406 bytes)This is Thina Marie Teppen in her Solør/Odal Bunad. She got the bunad in 1998, through Husfliden on Kongsvinger. On the left on the picture you can see Cæsar, proudly dressed for 17. may. The little girl in the middle has a childrens festive costume.

Thank you to Anne, Thinas mother for the pictures
soloodal.jpg (76414 bytes)This is also Thina, with her friend Cathrine in a Løken Costume

More about the Womans bunad from Solør and Odal

This bunad was finished in 1958. Its origin is an old bodice from Heradsbygd in Solør, probably from the 1600s. This old bodice can bee seen at the Glåmdalsmuseum in Elverum. The bonnet is  traditional, as it was used in  Solør and Odal for years.

The bodice is made of black, beige or red brocade, edged with leather. The skirt is either green, black or blue, in wool. The shirt is embroidered linen.