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Womans festive costume from Solør and Odal

solong.jpg (25940 bytes)This is Grete in her Solør/Odal festive costume. Picture taken about 20 years ago. Grete is mother of the twins Janna and Lisa.

This bunad is blue, but the picture was a bit dark.


Thank you again to my good friend Aina (Gretes niece) for running around to help me get pictures!

solorodal.JPG (11692 bytes)This is Gunn in her Solør/Odal festive costume. She inheritated it from her grandmother. Gunn is Grys aunt.

More about the Solør/Odal festive costume

This costume was finished summer 1940. A wedding dress from around 1860 gave inspiration to the shape on the dress. The creators decided on the blue color after studies in the archives in Hamar.

After WWII it was designed a jacket and a cape, and in the 1950s a reticule and a hat. The reticule has embroidery on front, and initials of the owner and year it was made on the back. 

The background is pictures of the "sølje" and the belt-"støl" for this costume.